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Copia Mag Carrier


Universal for 9mm/.40 double stack

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The Copia magazine carriers are premium, duty-grade, injection-molded magazine carriers designed for hard-use, daily concealed carry.  Their innovative cavity design and retention system allows them to be used ambidextrously with the double-stack magazines of nearly 100 different handgun models chambered in 9/40/357.

They are available in singles or doubles, and have a body-hugging contour which is not only more comfortable than traditional magazine carriers; it is also more concealable.

Shooters can also select between the standard tall body-style, which is compatible with all of our modular belt attachments, or short body-style which only works with our closed loops and QMS.

Finally, you can buy one pistol magazine carrier that will work with nearly all the handguns in your collection!

Just some of the models we have found to fit the Copia are:
Glock 9mm/40/357
M&P 9mm/40 Double Stack
HK P30
HK P2000
XDm 9/40
Styer 9/40
Beretta PX4
Sig 226
Beretta M9/92/96
Baby Eagle
Browning HiPower
Walther P99
Walther PPQ
SW 4006


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