• How can I ship my parts?
    Equipment to be worked on should be sent UPS to the address at the bottom of every page. Fedex and USPS are awful, please don't use them to ship to me. Please ship in a box with lots of padding. Do not ship your parts in a round tube, use a box. Do Not put "Firearms" on the box.
  • If I ship a firearm for shop work, can you send it back to me direct?
    Yes. When you send any firearm, you must include a copy of a photo ID with your name and address, that MATCHES the return address on the label/NFA Paperwork. I'm not sending a rifle to an address in WA, that was shipped from MI. The address on the photo ID/NFA Form is the address where we will return ship the firearm. No exceptions.
    Handguns shipped back to non FFL/C&R licensed individuals must be shipped UPS next day air, so expect return shipping costs to be OVER $50.
  • How much is return shipping?
    I don't know how much return shipping is until I pack and weigh the parts the day I send them back. Your card is not charged until the work is complete and shipping has been calculated and added to the total. I charge ACTUAL costs, I don't round up or down. All parts are returned shipped insured. If you want to request an insured value, note it in the comment section.
  • If I buy a rifle from another dealer, can it be shipped to you to be made AWB compliant, then shipped to a dealer in my state?
    Yes, but there is an additional $30 transfer fee, and I only receive rifles for AWB compliance work from other FFLs. Email me and I'll send you a digital copy of my FFL so the rifle can be shipped here. I will also need a copy of the receiving dealers FFL, which can be emailed to steve@adcofirearms.com
  • I'm sending a complete upper, what should I take off?
    Remove EVERYTHING you dont want lost/broken in transit that we dont need to do the work you are wanting done. If we are contouring a barrel, there is no need to leave rail mounted lights and BUIS in place.
  • What is the usual turn around for shop work?
    If you follow the directions, and order on-line, we usually dont have your gear more than 7 to 10 business days.
  • I am getting ready to send an AR-15 barrel for threading. Do I need to take the sight Base off ?
    No, the FSB can be left in place.
  • Will you let me know when my upper arrives?
    No. Please get package tracking and track it yourself. I get several packages a day and dont have time to check them all when they arrive.
  • Do you offer LEO discounts on Shop Services?
    Individually, no. If your dept. has several bolts to ramp or barrels to thread, then we can talk. Discounts are only given when the order is accompanied with Dept. Letterhead signed by the chief stating the items to be worked on are for duty use.
  • I'll be by your shop in the morning, can I drop off my barrel to be threaded and pick it up that afternoon?
    No. The shop work is all done off site, on the other side of town. Items are picked up and dropped off daily. If you drop off in the store, you can pick up when the work in done and returned to the store.
  • If I add specific notes for work to be performed, is there an extra charge?
    No. We encourage detailed requests, but please use the comment section/order notes, at checkout, NOT a note in with the packaging. WARNING - be sure you know what you are requesting. We will deliver exactly what you ask for, which isn't always what the customer wants.
  • Do you send back the parts you remove from uppers?
    No. Unless you request the old parts returned, they are removed and discarded - this covers delta rings, flash hiders, handguard caps, the free wrenches that come with handgaurds/flash hiders, etc.
  • Is having an upper shipped directly to you from another vendor something you have done before?
    No problem, its done all the time. Please still place the order on-line and make sure your name and order number is on the box. A word of warning: If they send the wrong item, I wont know and the work will be done as ordered.
  • Are there any issues cutting chrome lined barrels?
    Not in our experience after cutting many thousands.
  • Can regular store order items be combined with shop services and shipped together?
    Yes. Order everything on line, put a note in the comment section at check out to ship at once. Also put a note in the box to remind us.
  • If I send a rifle for AWB work, do you contact the dealer in my state?
    NO. If you have a firearm drop shipped for work, it's your responsibility to make all the arrangements so I have a copy of the receiving dealers FFL. If I don't receive a copy of the receiving dealers FFL, the firearm just sits in the corner until you get me one. The FFL can be faxed to 419.882.6627 or emailed to steve@adcofirearms.com.
  • Do I have to send just the barrel for threading or is it ok to send the complete upper?
    You can send the complete upper, but you'll need to select the dis-assemble/re-assemble service as well. If sending a complete upper, remove everything you can. Don't send BUIS, CH, BCG, allen keys, etc..
  • Can I change my order after it was sent in?
    Yes and no. The only way to change your order is to contact us so we can delete your order, then have you place a new order. If your original order isnt confirmed deleted, and you placed a new order - your order will not be changed. The info you put in the comment section is the work we perform. DO NOT add a note in the box, as we dont read them - we only read the order text submitted on-line.
  • Can I send in, or have a stripped barrel drop-shipped to you for a permed muzzle device?
    Yes you can, however, please remember that most of the time, you will need to have all required barrel parts installed, prior to perm. Gas blocks will not fit over a muzzle devices (unless it is a 2 piece block) and barrel nuts will not fit over a gas blocks.
  • Can I send a complete upper for muzzle device perming?
    Its easier to send just the barrel, but a complete upper is fine if we can access the muzzle device. Please remove everything we dont need - optics/BCG/CH/etc.
  • Will you quote me a price by email?
    No. Prices are listed under each service. Select the services you need and add up the prices for your quote.
  • After I place my order, when/where do I send it in?
    Once the order is placed, send it in to the address on the bottom of every page. Make sure your name and order number is on the outside of the box. Do Not put "Firearms" on the box.
  • You did exactly what I asked for, but it doesnt work
    Sadly, there are times when people get what they ask for, but not what they wanted. In those situations, the fault is with the customer. If a request is obviously made out of ignorance, we will confirm its what you really want. Everything else is your responsibility to research if you are making the right decision.
  • I received an email saying my CC was declined. What do I do now?
    First contact your bank and ask why it was declined. It's usually because the card is not present and they can fix it on their end. If you need to submit a new card number, email me and I'll send a secure link in the email.
  • How/Where to send us a part for work.
    1. Add the services needed to your cart and go through the checkout process. It says shipping is $6, but shop services are charged actual return shipping at the time of completion.

    2. Send your parts to the address at the bottom of the page.
  • How much is return shipping insurance on shop work?
    ADCO uses a fixed rate on shipping insurance as follows :
    $200 cost $3
    $300 cost $4
    $400 cost $5
    $500 cost $6
    $600 cost $7
    $700 cost $9
    $800 cost $11
    $900 cost $12
    $1000 cost $15
    $1100 cost $20
    Up to $2000 cost $25
    All shop items are return shipped insured. If you request an amount, that will be the insured amount. If you do not request an amount, ADCO will assign a fair value to your part. Since 90% of shop items are used, they will be valued as such. A standard AR barrel will be valued at $200, a complete standard M4 style upper $400, A MK12 clone upper $1000, etc..
    If you did not request a value, it will be simple to determine how much insurance you were charged for. Simply look on your receipt from ADCO, deduct the service fees, deduct the shipping cost that is usually on the label and the amount left over is what you were charged for insurance.
    If your item fails to arrive after a few weeks we will mail you a check for the insured value.
    Anything insured for over $500 will require signature at delivery. Insured values must be realistic or they will not be honored. Inevitably, some asshole will send me a $200 barrel to be dimpled for a gas block and insure it for $1000, then claim they received an empty box when its delivered in an attempt to scam the insurance $ from ADCO.
    If your item arrives damaged contact us, we will send you a return tag for the damaged item and immediately upon receipt we will mail you a check for the insured value.
  • Why was delivery of my package refused?
    All packages delivered that we see(some will slip through) with obvious damage are refused. The post office doesn't let me look inside, so I refuse all packages that are damaged. That way I don't get blamed for lost/missing items. When it gets back to you and any items are missing, you can handle the claim with the shipper directly.
  • What happens to unidentified packages?
    Mystery/unidentified packages are set in a corner and ignored until someone calls looking for them and can identify the contents. Sadly, its a common occurrence that people don't follow simple instructions and put their name/order number on the box. This problem is compounded if you used a retail shipping service which uses their return address.
  • I forgot to include the signed CC authorization.
    Send us a picture/PDF of the page that we can print out. No need to mail it separately.

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