AR/Standard Barrel Threading


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This covers/includes cutting/crowning as well as threading. This service is for any AR15/AR10 barrel once it has been removed from the receiver, or any STRAIGHT(not tapered) barrel. AR barrels with the FSB in place are covered under this service/fee. This service also covers handgun barrels that need standard threads.

Threads will be concentric to the bore.  There are no custom thread length or crown options.  If you want the barrel shortened note length in the comment section. Be sure of your measurements, and do not send multiple measurements. If you say you want it cut 3″ from the muzzle, we will cut 3″ from the muzzle. If you say you want the barrel threaded at 14″ we measure 14″ from the bolt face. If you say you want it cut at the step by the muzzle for 14.5″ we will cut it at 14.5″ regardless of that relationship to the “step”.

This service also covers stripped barrels of other varieties. If the barrel will not drop through a round hole with a diameter slightly larger than that of the barrel, we will not thread your barrel under this service. If sent as a complete upper, the Disassemble/Reassemble service is required as well. We do not thread where there are already threads(i.e. we wont thread a 10.5 barrel to 10.3). Gas port work is included when necessary. When barrels are cut, they are all measured from a closed bolt face as the only standard measurement we use. Turn around for this service is 5-7 business days.

We can not thread factory Glock barrels, they are too hard of a steel.

***If you order this service and send in a barreled action, I’m going to set your order in the corner and forget about it until you call looking for it.***

We can not thread ENCORE barrels,

LMT MRP barrels do not meet the requirements for this service.  We do NOT thread MRP barrels.

Do NOT sent a barrel with a receiver. A barreled action is NOT covered under this service.


If you don’t submit your order, the work will NOT get done. Do NOT send anything without submitting an order online first.

When sending your order, please include:

  • A list of what is in the box.
  • Your name/order number on the OUTSIDE of the box.
  • Enter as much info about what you want done as possible in the comment section at checkout.
  • Print the confirmation page and sign the CC authorization statement.

Please read through the FAQs before calling with a question or placing your order.

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1/2×28, 1/2×36, 5/8×24, 3/4×24, .578×28, M13.5x1LH, M16x1LH

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